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Why a furnished apartment is better than a hotel in times of Coronavirus

By Ana María Valenzuela for ContactChile
Translated by Isabel Schröder

These are exceptional times, no doubt. As the COVID-19 advances around the world, all our routines and plans have changed. Many people are able to stay at home and help contain this health crisis, but there are also people who, for medical or business reasons, cannot pause and must inevitably continue with their itineraries.   

Are you in that kind of situation and looking for a safe accommodation alternative? Find out here, why a furnished apartment is safer than a hotel in times of coronavirus.  

Many people, short stays   

As luxurious as it may be, a hotel will always concentrate a significant amount of people and will have shared spaces. Gyms, reception, and even the hotel rooms themselves are places, which, although they may be cleaned daily, are not always managed to be cleaned thoroughly.  

The high and continuous demand of visitors makes the cleaning time more limited. Furthermore, the large number of people that transit through the building makes hygiene more difficult, so that it is impossible to thoroughly clean all the facilities of the complex every day. Switches and handles, for example, are always on display.  

In the case of a furnished apartment, stays are usually longer, without another guest entering immediately after the previous guest leaves the property. This allows a more detailed and in-depth cleaning of the place.        

Your kitchen, your own rules  

In a hotel your food will depend on the availability of the local menu, as well as being prepared and handled by third parties. If you don’t have a problem with that it’s fine, but you should know that with access to your own kitchen, you greatly minimize the chances of contagion.   

You have your own cutlery, glasses, plates, and pots. Only you are in contact with them, as well as with the food. This fact cuts out contact of at least 3 people who are in contact with your food or dish (dishwasher, chef, and waiter).   

In a furnished apartment, you have your own kitchen, with your own rules. It is you who handles the food as well as all the other kitchen tools.   

You can clean your apartment as you like      

While the comfort of having cleaning staff doing your room every day is nice, in these times, comfort is not enough. You need to be sure. Minimizing your or your family’s contact with others is critical.  

A furnished apartment will give you the possibility and the tools to clean as many times as you consider convenient and at the time you decide.   

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A furnished apartment is more economical than a hotel   

Considering stays of more than 7 days, a hotel room will always be more expensive compared to an apartment. This difference even increases with the number of days you stay.  

This does not include the access to services that are included in an apartment such as kitchen and laundry room, which in a hotel usually are charged additionally.  

These are some of the reasons why renting a furnished apartment is safer than a hotel room in times of coronavirus.   

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